National Division II Christian Homeschool Association

Tournament History

In 1996, under the leadership of Mr. Kenny Collins and Mr. Tom Scheimo, the Wichita Warriors hosted the first homeschool basketball tournament in Wichita, Kansas, as an end-of-the-year tournament for Kansas homeschool teams. Teams participating came from Kansas City, Topeka, Wichita, Newton, Manhattan and Colby areas.

As homeschooling became more popular in the Midwest, athletic teams began to grow. Basketball teams across the state of Kansas increased in number in metro and rural areas.

In 2000, Central Christian College in McPherson, Kansas, offered the Kansas State Homeschool Basketball Tournament the use of their facilities.  Mr. Collins and Mr. Scheimo worked together to provide quality tournaments which grew to support junior high and high school games for boys and girls teams.  Mr. Scheimo directed the tournament from 2002 and 2003 with the help of Mr. Dennis Roemer.

The tournament changed its name to KanOkCo in 2004 so that teams from Oklahoma and Colorado could participate.  KanOkCo formed a governing board, chaired by Mr. Dennis Roemer, with organizations needing to be a member in order to participate.  Still held in McPherson, but under new leadership, Director, Mrs. Kelly Love, and host team (2004-2011) Reno County Sabres continued the tradition of organizing a quality basketball tournament.  By allowing teams from neighboring states to participate, the tournament expanded to 13 organizations and 52 teams competing at Central Christian College, McPherson College and McPherson Middle School.

With the success of KanOkCo, expansion of teams, clarification of rules, qualifications and requests from teams from Nebraska to come to the tournament, more adjustments were needed.

In 2005, Christian Homeschool Activities of the Mid Plains (CHAMP) was formed to allow teams from Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri and Colorado to participate with a focus on eligibility standards that would ensure a level playing field.  Standards included character, age and academics.  CHAMP was the third largest homeschool basketball tournament in the nation with 17 organizations and 58 teams participating.

Concerned with a level field of playing and encouraging a balanced approach to athletics, detailed bylaws and guidelines were implemented in yet another name change, which included no membership.

In 2006, the National Division II Christian Homeschool Association (NDIICHA) was the first homeschool basketball tournament to define a Division II level of competition: Teams practice on an average of two or less times a week and have no more than thirty games in a season. Athletes maintain an average grade of ā€œCā€ or above, are homeschooled for at least 50% of their course work and meet certain age requirements. Through the re-naming and re-organization of the governing board, Mr. Roemer, remained as its chairman until he retired in 2010.

The following changes were made to NDII bylaws upon the recommendation of participating organizations:  In 2010, games per season were limited to a total of 25 completed games prior to the tournament and in 2013, athletes must be homeschooled for at least 51% of their course work.

NDII provides a quality, Christ-centered three-day basketball tournament for junior high and high school teams. Part of the tournament schedule includes free throw and three-point contests, triathlon competition and devotions that encourage sportsmanship and living for Jesus Christ on and off the court.

NDII has drawn teams from Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska since 2006; having an average of 18 organizations and 53 teams participate each year. In 2013 tournament location was held in Topeka, Kansas at Washburn Rural public school facilities but returned to McPherson, Kansas in 2014. Beginning in 2021, the tournament will be hosted in Hutchinson Kansas at the Sports Arena.

After thirteen years of leadership, Mrs. Kelly Love retired as NDIICHA's director in 2016. Stepping into the director's position for 2017, was long-time supporter and official for NDII, Mr. Chris Vieyra. The director for 2018 was Joe Kern from Sterling College, and in 2019, Mark Hoffhines from Wichita State University acted as director. For the 2020 tournament, Chris Loftin, a graduate student from North Carolina, acted as the director. For the 2021 event, the ND2 board will take on the responsibilities of leading the event.